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Guest interview with Multidisciplinary Fine Artist Jason Wagner from Golden Colorado - Episode 24

September 2, 2019

It's Live!! My interview with Jason Wagner, Multidisciplinary Fine Artist from Golden, Colorado - Episode #24


"I asked: "Should the symbol of the Columbine be taken back for its beauty and be painted or is there too much stigma? He said "Paint it. She would love it."


I was thrilled and honored to interview the multi-disciplinary Fine Artist Jason Wagner for Episode #24 my Artist Talks Podcast!Jason started painting in 2018 following a catastrophic accident and upwards of seven near-death experiences and a series of serendipitous events… his story and artistic journey is - to put it mildly - unique. His paintings are stunning and I was shocked to learn he had only been painting since 2018.

Jason calls himself "a life-long musician with a paintbrush" and in this interview (which gave me goose-bumps at times!) we learn why. We also learn about the painting that started it all (there's a link below).

So hold on to your hats, listen up and listen in as Jason and I talk about: 

  • His unique backstory and creative journey…the reason he started painting and the painting that started it all…
  • Not one, not two, but upwards of seven near-death experiences…and their impact…
  • Why Jason calls himself "a life-long musician with a paintbrush…"
  • The people that got Jason going and keep him motivated…
  • Creating something every day… Create or die…
  • Honouring his mission…
  • His top two challenges…are not what you'd think...
  • His tips for creatives for starting and keeping going whether just starting out or more seasoned
  • Jason's take on using social media… (complete with "outtakes")
  • Transformation and vision…

 And so much more!

What a blast we had! And how inspiring it was chatting with this very prolific and inspirational artist and learning about the fascinating story behind his beautiful art and his creative journey.

Thank you Jason for sharing your amazing and inspiring story with us!

Check out Jason's beautiful paintings:


The "Columbine" 2018 write up

Jason's website

Until next time Creatives,

Let's Talk!

Nicky Jameson

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