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Guest Interview with Brianna Boyd (Dread Pirate Bri) Artist and Illustrator from Washington State USA - Episode 27

April 3, 2020

Now Live!! My interview with Brianna Boyd (Dread Pirate Bri) Artist and Illustrator from Washington State, USA - Episode 27

“If somebody else can feel inspired by anything I do whether it's process or illustrations or something I’m like, DO IT! Latch on to it!”

~Bri Boyd

A few weeks ago I sat down with the talented Artist and Illustrator Brianna (Bri) Boyd, a.k.a Dread Pirate Bri. And what an amazing time it was. We had a blast... and then some and you will love this latest Episode where Bri and I chat about life in the Realm of Art, illustrating a children's book, embracing art as a business and staying inspired. Especially timely and uplifting in light of these uncertain times.

 Join us as we talk about:

  • Bri's NOT so secret love of all things fantasy and whimsical - and her passion for adding personalities to inanimate objects...
  • Working with Art Snacks: Since 2005 when her husband got her a year's subscription to Art Snacks...
  • Leaving Retail - embracing art and business...
  • What keeps Bri inspired: People… her love of Anime, a childhood fascination with capturing the movement of a dancer…
  • Bri’s tips for staying motivated...
  • Bri’s Illustration of the Children's book: When Little Kittens Are Very Brave (Little Kitten & Friends)

And much more!

Tune in, enjoy and absorb our fun and inspirational conversation where you can follow Bri's personal journey navigating the art realm.

Thanks Bri for sharing your story with us!

You can check out Bri's work and social sites from her main website and follow Bri on Instagram here

Until next time -

Stay safe, stay healthy

Let's keep talking


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