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Guest Interview with Artist Karin Merx - Episode 16

April 29, 2019

Guest Interview with Artist Karin Merx - Episode 16

It's now live! My guest interview this week is with Artist Karin Merx from London, England

Prepare yourself for a powerful and inspiring artist interview that proves that no matter the challenges we must do whatever we need to do to find our creative purpose and answer the call.

I was thrilled to interview Artist Karin Merx who shares her journey from classical musician to visual artist - telling your story through a portrait - and creative entrepreneur.

 Kick back, grab a coffee (and a notebook - you'll need it to jot down some great points) dive into this very illuminating interview…

  • What does it mean to make art with meaning and how does Karin do this?
  • Why is it so critical for artists to be true to themselves, whatever the cost?
  • What's the consequence of allowing others and their opinions to define who you are and what you should and shouldn't do?

Answering the call of being a visual artist meant pushing back against patriarchal pressure and criticism. Telling a story through a portrait and changing lives has been part of the journey and Karin graciously shares it in this interview.

Listen to the latest episode and learn…

  • How Karin Merx took back her power as an artist and why she speaks her mission…
  • How Karin uses her art to powerfully support others fighting the fight against racial, sexual and social injustice and the blight of invisibility...
  • The origins of "Your Story Told" and changing lives…
  • How Karin is building her creative enterprise

Thank you Karin for sharing your story! 

You can find out more about Karin at her website

Or her Instagram:

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Until next time, let's talk!



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