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Guest Interview with Artist Cathrine Blan Episode 14

April 1, 2019

Guest Interview with Artist Cathrine Blan

It's here! My Interview with  Artist Cathrine Blan - Episode 14

"Art is my life and my life is art..." Cathrine Blan.

My guest this week is Artist and fellow Brit Cathrine Blan and I think you will find this interview as fascinating as her art. I certainly did. Cathrine and I have been in the same digital artist group on Facebook for a few years now and not only does she produce amazing art she produces a LOT of it AND she always seems to have a moment to encourage other artists in the group and comment on their work, especially new and shyer artists. And not only does she produce an astounding amount of stunning art every week - she does it in addition to running not one but two businesses.

She shares her secret!

Indeed, art is her life and she weaves it all together beautifully, as you will discover in this episode.

Kick back, tune in and you will learn:

  • How and why art plays such an integral part in Cathrine's life…
  • The key elements that make up her art…and her top tools for creating...
  • How Cathrine remains inspired and constantly creating
  • All about Daydream Designs
  • Her top two challenges...are mine too!
  • Cathrine's social media tips for artists
  • Her thoughts on tuition, mastery and being a life-long learner as an artist...
  • Her key tip for artists…
  • And much more

We had a blast, the time flew by… and I was so inspired by this phenomenal artist.

Check out Cathrine Blan at her various sites. Facebook

Behance Her website:

And her Instagram: @Cathrine_blan_  and @daydreamdesigns2018

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Until next time, let's talk.


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