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Guest Interview with Pianist and Music Theatre Director, Matt Craig - Episode 19

Guest Interview with Pianist and Music Theatre Director, Matt Craig - Episode 19

June 24, 2019
Now Live!! My interview with Pianist and Music Director Matt Craig from Toronto, Canada - Episode 19

Multi-talented artist, pianist, Theatre Music Director, conductor, singer, dancer and Programmer and science teacher… Matthew Craig has many strings to his bow.

Matt trained as a classical pianist from the age of six and over the last twenty years he's performed classical recitals, accompanied  jazz, classical, rock and theater vocalists, directed  and conducted countless musicals in the GTA for children, teenagers and adults. Matt's sight reading skills are amazing and he has worked with thousands of performers in large groups or individually of any age and ability. 

Listening to Matt's musical arrangements for piano you are simply mesmerized and carried away with the emotional impact, they are a such joy to listen to. Matt has worked with several  Children's Theatre companies, including CATS and Bravo Academy and it's fascinating to watch him direct musical productions as part of the audience. He has a way of making very complex things look easy.

 And did I mention he's one of the coolest guys on the planet?

 Matt is also a great friend, and from the first time I heard him play years ago I've wanted to learn more about his many accomplishments. So  I was thrilled and honoured he agreed to be a guest for my Art Talks Podcast.

 And what a fun interview it was!

Join us on this journey as we talk about all things music and more, including:

  • What it takes to become an accomplished pianist and music director…
  • How Matt became a pianist…
  • His musical style and influences…
  • His amazing piano arrangements (tip: go and check out his amazing arrangement of Music from Inception: Dream is Collapsing and Time for piano, link in these show notes)
  • Journey into Music Theatre direction stage productions he has worked on, and many accomplishments
  • His challenges
  • Learning to dance and teaching others to dance Modern Jive…
  • His inspirations…

I hope you take the time to listen and be inspired by this insightful interview with this amazing artist and educator. While you're about it head over to Matt's YouTube channel and listen to his incredible musical arrangements, including this one from the film/movie Inception:

Music from Inception: Dream is Collapsing and Time for Piano

This piece at Hart House, Toronto

Matt Craig plays Un Sospiro, Liszt at Harthouse

 And this amazing performance of the Star Wars Fantasy Suite:

Matt Craig plays Star Wars Fantasy Suite arr. Jarrod Radnich

You can also check out Matt's website and see more of his music and some dance videos where he is teaching dance lessons and demoing the social dance Modern Jive with yours truly.

Thank you for listening and until next time let's talk!

Nicky Jameson








Guest Interview with Cellist Jay Emme - Episode 18

Guest Interview with Cellist Jay Emme - Episode 18

June 4, 2019

Guest Interview with Cellist Jay Emme - Episode 18

Now Live! My interview this week is with Cellist Jay Emme from Birmingham, England!

From Cellist to Wedding Photographer to Professional Solo Wedding Cellist - Jay Emme lives life to the full and then some.

I could describe this amazing artist many ways, and first one that comes to mind is "Force of Nature" whose light burns brightly as this talented musician goes for her goals and meets her challenges head on. Come along for the ride in this great conversation…and hold on to your hat, because Jay just makes it happen.

WARNING: LOTS of laughter ahead! You know what they say - laughter is good for the soul and in this awesome interview there's plenty that is good for the soul.

 Join us as we talk about:

  • Being creative... and paying the price
  • The joys of being a professional solo cellist...
  • Managing the challenges of mental health and depression…
  • The soul-crushing futility of conforming…
  • The acceptance and the power and freedom of standing out...
  • Asking the hard questions, learning even harder lessons and finding a better way...
  • Taking aim and living out loud

We talk about creativity throughout… of boldness and bravery, being okay about standing out, about authenticity, the critical importance of good friends, travelling the world, inspiration and encouragement. And why comparison sucks.

You also get to meet Sid. Who is Sid you may ask? Listen and you'll find out.

My chat with Jay is a fascinating and compelling artist conversation with many nuggets of encouragement for artists… and we had the most amazing time.

From travelling the world as a wedding photographer, Jay now travels the world as a freelance cellist available for weddings and private functions. Be sure to check out her Instagram here: and her website

Until next time,

Let's go!!

Nicky Jameson

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